Fiber optics in the heart
of the Mediterranean sea

New Unitirreno cable will be the first 24 fiber pair Open Cable system in the Mediterranean Region delivering cutting-edge submarine technologies to support continuously increasing national and international bandwidth requirements.


Unitirreno is a partnership between Unidata and industry experts to focus on enhancing Italy’s digital infrastructure foundation through the deployment of a new submarine cable system in the Tyrrhenian Sea.  The approximately 890 kilometer system will connect Mazara del Vallo with Genoa with a junction point in Rome and Sardinia option.

Mission & Vision:

To facilitate and enable OTTs, Carriers and Cable Consortiums to have a secure, low-latency alternative to Marseille as a cable landing hub in the Mediterranean.  The strategically planned Unitirreno submarine cable network will support Genoa development and deliver strategic landing points for intercontinental cables from Asia, the Middle East and Africa while providing a new route to major digital infrastructure hubs across Europe but also to create a better connection North-South Italy and Sardinia.


The Unitirreno management team brings a wealth of experience from across the ICT sector with expertise on the deployment and management of submarine cable networks globally.

Renato Brunetti
Renato Brunetti

Founding partner of Unidata and Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2022. In the ICT sector since 1970 and an advocate for the industry, Renato has served as president of the Italian Internet Provider Association (AIIP) and is currently president of the NaMeX Consortium and the Fondazione Mondo Digitale.

Arturo Danesi
Arturo Danesi

Arturo’s career span over 40 years in the international telecom and ICT environments covering key C-level positions in the design, planning, operations and marketing of complex global wholesale infrastructures and digital transformation. In parallel, played significant role as an educator at a number of universities in Italy and internationally.

Chris van Zinnicq Bergmann
Chris van Zinnicq Bergmann

Chris has over 25 years of experience in the international with focus on the subsea cable sector. He has held various senior management positions in commercial and corporate development at companies including AT&T-Unisource, Global Crossing, Pacnet and Global Cloud Xchange and has had postings in Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Singapore.


18th October 2022

1st February 2023

19th September 2023

9th May 2024

14th May 2024

17th May 2024


Network Infrastructure and Cost Efficiency:

Unitirreno’s Open Cable System is based on 24 x fiber pair, end-2-end Mazara-Genoa Trunk Infrastructure:

  • Design Capacity: 20 Terabit/sec x fp -> 480 Terabit/sec
  • Branching unit to new data center hub in Rome (under construction) to serve upcoming Unidata Data Center and Italian Domestic Network
  • Stub to Sardinia, Olbia and Cagliari planned
  • Terrestrial Backhauling Option in Sicily
  • State-of-Art 24 Fiber Pairs Cost Efficient Technology
  • Optical Level Switching Capabilities

Competitive Advantages:

The shortest path to Northern Europe from Sicily via Genoa/Milan: 9msec:

  • Latency reduced by over 50% compared to alternative domestic terrestrial backbone solutions
  • Express South-North highway with No Stops

The most reliable path in terms of outages and faults:

  • Domestic terrestrial backbone architecture designed to serve city-2-city traffic based on multiple hops along the way
  • New generation fiber and spectrum technologies specifically designed for long-haul high-speed trunk interconnection No Stops

Benefits to Customers:

  • Shortest Latency for International Cables Systems crossing the Mediterranean Sea to the main European IXPs, data center hubs and other traffic destinations
  • Access to Italian Carrier-Neutral Data Centers
  • Alternative route to the Italian Terrestrial Backhaul
  • Cost Efficient Solution based on shortest path connecting Sicily to Genoa/Milan and dark fiber pair / spectrum offering

Unitirreno to be built by industry-leading constructions partners




Marine Survey
Process & Permits
Q4 2022 – Q1 2024


Permits in Place
Q1 2024


Subsea and Equipment Cable
Q2 2024 – Q1 2025


System Deployment
Q1 – Q2 2025


Ready for Service
Q3 2025

In questa mappa ti daremo evidenza, step dopo step, delle aree già cablate in fibra ottica da Unifiber e di quelle di prossimo cablaggio.


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