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We’re digitizing central Italy to overcome the digital divide.
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Unifiber is a company created by the partnership between Unidata and the CEBF.
Unifiber’s operations are focused on the construction of passive (primary and secondary) fiber optic access networks of FTTH type (Fiber To The Home, with 100% fiber) in the “gray” areas of the Lazio region, and on the sale of access and use of networks in wholesale-only mode, i.e. only to other operators.

The goal of the project is to cover more than 100,000 residential properties and over 5,000 businesses.

The agreement between the two parties was signed on September 3, 2020. For CEBF, this is the first investment in Italy. The closing of the operation was finalized in December 2020.


The Unifiber S.p.A. management team consists of four people: the three members of the Board of Directors: Renato Brunetti, Chairman (Unidata), Marcello Vispi, CEO (Unidata), Mustafa Demir, member of the board (CEBF), and Livia De Marco, CFO.

Marcello Vispi
Marcello Vispi

Founding member of Unidata. Marcello has been in the ICT sector since 1970, and  Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2001.

Renato Brunetti
Renato Brunetti

Founding Partner of Unidata and since 2002 Chairman of the Board of Directors. Since 1970 in the ICT sector. He is also President of NaMeX Consortium.

Mustafa Demir
Mustafa Demir
Member of the Board of Directors

Mustafa has more than 15 years of investment banking and private equity experience in Istanbul, Vienna and Dubai. Prior to joining Cube IM in December 2018, Mustafa was a director at Unicredit responsible for Corporate & Investment Banking in Turkey. 

Mustafa holds BSc. in Industrial Engineering from Sabanci University Istanbul and MSc. in Big Data and Business Analytics from IE School of Human Sciences and Technology Madrid.

A Turkish citizen, Mustafa is also fluent in English

Livia De Marco
Livia De Marco

Livia has extensive experience gained in the finance departments of several companies in Rome and Milan, including two years as part of the Corporate Finance – M&A team at Ernst and Young S.p.A.

She has extensive work and training experience abroad (London and Shanghai).

Chief Financial Officer of Unifiber S.p.A. since February 2021


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03 settembre 2020

21 dicembre 2020 


In this map we will show you the areas where Unifiber has already installed fiber-optic cabling, and we will publish regular updates on areas where cabling is planned.

  • Viterbo
  • Bracciano
  • Anguillara
  • Fiumicino
  • Ciampino



The CEBF fund 

The fund focuses on investments in greenfield mode, with several expansion projects in the field of broadband infrastructures across Europe, with 470 million euro of committed capital and a target size of 500-600 million euro

CEBF partners are Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (Italy), Caisse des Depots (France), KFW (Bank aus Verantwortung – Germany), the European Investment Bank, the European Commission, and other private institutional investors whose management is entrusted to Cube IM.


Unidata S.p.A. is a Telecommunications, Cloud and IoT operator. The company was founded in 1985 by three partners who remain in post. With an ever-expanding fiber optic network of over 2,700 kms, a wireless network and a proprietary data centre, it supplies over 8,500 business, wholesale and residential customers with ultra-broadband connectivity services using FTTH (Fiber to the Home) network architecture, wireless connectivity, VoIP,  cloud services and other dedicated solutions, with a high level of reliability and security. Other activities in the operational startup phase concern the Internet of Things (IoT), with the development and supply of solutions for the home automation and Smart City markets.


Unifiber is a company that pays close attention to ESG (environmental, Social and Governance) issues. These issues are followed and monitored with utmost accuracy, documenting all plans and observations. Major elements and risks have been analyzed for each area under consideration (Environment, Supply Chain and Community), and GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) indicators have been selected to estimate their impact. Variables that generate ESG risks have been analyzed in order to identify those with the greatest impact on the project, in order to make sure that the company’s activity is carried out in a respectful, adequate and enriching way towards the people involved and towards the beautiful places where the project will be implemented.


Unifiber S.p.A.
viale A. G. Eiffel 100, CAP 00148 Rome (Italy)
info: info@unifiber.it
PEC: unifiber@unicert.it
VAT number / P. IVA: 15840951006

The Data Protection Officer can be contacted through the following email address: dpo@unifiber.it


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